A slay queen sitting at the back during lectures shouted” we can’t see your voice sir. “Please be loudableπŸ˜€πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

Am still waiting for my turn to faint cos we are fainting according to our matric number.

Last night I did something terrible to mosquitoes, they will never forget. I opened the windows and let them all inside then I closed the windows and I slept outside.

Can’t laugh alone.

Boko haram members entered a church while the service was going on. They asked the ushers to close every door and windows so that nobody will escape. They counted the number of worshippers and they were 150. They told them they would kill 100 out of these 150 members but in an alphabetical order of names, starting with the pastors. They approached the senior pastor asking:”What’s your name?” The pastor said Zechariah Zwingina. The next pastor said Zebedee Zaccheus, the third pastor said Zemmanuel Zwiliams. They approached the elders. The first one said Zarepath Zolomon. The next one said Zalade Zomorin. The next one said Zetunji Zolusegun Zesther, Zimilehin. They approached the choir and the first chorister out of fear pointed to the organist and said his name is Abraham Ahmadu. The Organist screamed: “He is a liar. My name is Zabraham Zahmadu.” If you were in the congregation, what will be your name? # Laughter is good medicine & a therapy for the body #
Resend to Ξ±ll Ur friends to put a smile on their faces…… Don’t spoil d fun.


One day a boy closed from school and he saw a cat lying by the street side as though it was dead. To satisfy his curiosity the boy came close and touched the cat to see if it is still alive. He touched the first time and there was no response. He then touched the cat again for the second time and still there was no response.. He continued touching, touching, touching and touching…..

Like I said earlier, this is a touching story.

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